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KPJ Senior Living Care (Home Nursing)

Home with Care, Love and Dignity

Home with Care, Love and Dignity

KPJ Senior Living Care (Nursing Home) is the KPJ's latest venture that aims to cater for senior citizens, especially those needing assistive nursing care services. Drawing from Jeta Garden of Australia experience, we open up a home like environment that will provide quality care to all residents regardless of ethnicity, social status, religion, belief or political affiliation. Our services comprise of the values that focus on efficient & effective care with empathy and compassion. This nursing home will be supported by other established services such as rehabilitation, dental, eye care and haemodialysis.


One could expect high quality nursing care, aged care as we ensure continuous improvement through continuous education program for every staff. Our staff consist of registered nurses and care assistants with additional training in areas of aged care.

24-hour treatment and care would be delivered by trained, caring and friendly nurses and care givers.

kpj nursing staff


KPJ Senior Living Care aim to be the centre where our precious elderly could feel the home atmosphere, cared by trained personnel in healthy socialization and interaction.

Residents will also be provided with activities to ensure the living in Senior Living Care would be filled with enjoyment to avoid loneliness and boredom. Our friendly staff will assist them with activities such as karaoke, small gardening, board games, birthday celebration and other facility gathering.

The facility will adopt as much as possible home like environment, i.e. providing home like bed and furniture. Involvement of family members in ensuring residents comfort and wellbeing are very much encouraged. You could bring family photos, small furniture, residents' favourite personal item like pillow, blanket etc. to be placed in resident's room. We also encourage regular visits and meal time with the family members in our place.

home like environment

Our friendly & caring staff

caring staff


We offer various nursing care level – low, moderate and high care

  • Nursing care (24 hours)
  • Continuous assessment & monitoring by nursing staff
  • Regular visits by Consultant Physician
  • Respite Care (Short term care)
  • Day care
  • Post Stroke Nursing Care
  • Diabetic Management
  • Wound Management
  • Pressure ulcer prevention & management
  • Grooming
  • Physiotherapy
  • Recreational activities



Our facilities include:

  • Room
  •  Bedding
  •   Single Bedded (Deluxe & Standard)
  •   Two Bedded
  •  Basic Furniture
  •  Attached bathroom
  •  Telephone
  •  TV
  •  Mini Fridge
  • Café
  • Lounge & Dining Area
  • WiFi
  • Gymnasium
  • Roof top garden
  • Library
  • Multipurpose hall and karaoke room for recreational activities

room for recreational activities


  • Retail Shops
  • Pharmacy
  • Consultant Clinics (Urology, Orthopaedic& Ophthalmology)
  • Eye & Lasik Centre
  • Hemodialysis Service
  • Rehabilitation Service
  • Dental Service



As everyone's needs are different, we would be glad to meet and talk to you on how we can cater our resident's individual needs. Please call 603-4023 3599 (Marketing) or email us at info@kpjhealthcentre.com for details.

Admission Process

1. Pre-Admission Assessment and Infectious Disease Screening by Consultant Physician. Admission on the same day could be arranged if the patient is deemed to be medically stable and does not have any infection which may endanger the health and safety of the other residents.
2. Level of Care Assessment by Registered Nurse
3. Family Members are required to provide the following documents for pre-admission assessment:
  - Medical History of resident (if available)
  - Identification Card/Passport of resident & family member
4. Registered Nurse of Senior Living Care (Home Nursing) will contact qualified resident or family member for the arrangement for admission
5. Admission will be done at Level 3, Jade Residency during office hours.


Monday to Friday
8.30a.m. to 5.00p.m.

8.30a.m. to 12.30p.m.

We are closed on Sunday & Public Holidays

KPJ Tawakkal Health Centre
202A, Jalan Pahang
53000 Kuala Lumpur

General Line : 603-40233599
Fax No : 603-40228063
Email : info@kpjhealthcentre.com


*As At 10th January 2015

Winter Gateway


Winter is approaching and you can say brrrrr…. The snow is piling up and what you want to do is to escape to warm weather. Senior citizen is the most vulnerable in facing winter weather due to poor circulation, heart attack due to strain activities & high risk of falling. Have you wondering other options for your loved one in preparing for severe winter weather? Have a plan in place to ensure you loved one received the best possible health value in comfortable ambiance. MALAYSIA is one of the best options for your loved one to enjoy all year warm weather and KPJ Senior Living Care (Nursing Home) to fulfil your requirements for nursing care services.

252km from KPJ Tawakkal Health Centre
Source: en.wikipedia.org
35km from KPJ Tawakkal Health Centre
Source: www.estate123.com
Sungai Congkak
Sungai Congkak
1km from KPJ Tawakkal Health Centre
Source: wwww.prew.hu

Malaysia Weather

Malaysia weather benefits from a tropical climate with warm temperatures and high humidity throughout the year. Daytime temperatures rise above 30°C (86°F) year-round and night-time temperatures rarely drop below 20°C (68°F).
Source : www.worldtravelguide.net/malaysia/weather-climate-geography

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is situated midway along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, at the confluence of at the meetingKlang and Gombak rivers. It is approximately 35 km from the coast and sits at the centre of the Peninsula's extensive and modern transportation network. Kuala Lumpur is easily the largest city in the nation, possessing a population of over one and a half million people drawn from all of Malaysia's many ethnic group.
Source :http://www.geographia.com/malaysia/kualalumpur.html

KL Twin Tower at day
KL Twin Tower at day

Kuala Lumpur Attractions

KL Twin Tower/Petronas Twin Tower

Soaring to a height of 451.9 metres, the 88-storey twin structure is Kuala Lumpur's crown jewel. Majestic by day and dazzling at night, the PETRONAS Twin Towers is inspired by Tun Mahathir Mohamad's vision for Malaysia to be a global player. Together with master architect Cesar Pelli, the international icon powerfully captures the nation's ambitions and aspirations.
Source :http://www.petronastwintowers.com.my/

Old KL Railway Station

The Old KL Railway Station

The Old KL Railway Station is one of Kuala Lumpur's most famous landmarks. Until the Petronas Twin Towers was built, the railway station, together with the Sultan Abdul Samad building, was among the most photographed symbols of the city.

KL Tower

KL Tower

Menara Kuala Lumpur is the seventh tallest telecommunication tower in the world and the tallest in Southeast Asia. Standing at 421m and located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. We offer a unique blend of Cultural, Adventure and Nature experience not found anywhere else in the world.
Source: https://www.menarakl.com.my

Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden

Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden

Located in the heart of the city, Kuala Lumpur Lake gardens contain many Malaysia most tourist attractions including KL Bird Park, butterfly park, deer park, orchid and hibiscus gardens and some top museums.
Source :http://www.malaysia-traveller.com/kuala-lumpur-lake-gardens.html

Public Transportation in Kuala Lumpur

Public Transportation in Kuala Lumpur

Light Rail Transit (LRT)

There are two fully grade-separated light rail transit systems in Kuala Lumpur. The Kelana Jaya Line and Ampang Line. They are both operated by RapidKL.
Kelana Jaya Line is the most important rail line in Kuala Lumpur as it links Kelana Jaya and Gombak that primarily serves the Petaling Jaya region to the south; southwest and central Kuala Lumpur, and Kuala Lumpur City Centre to the centre.
The Ampang Line is the other rapid transit system for the two routes of the line operating in RapidKL Rail Network. These sub-lines are Ampang(formerly, Ampang line) and Sri Petaling (formerly, Sri Petaling line).

KL Monorail

KL Monorail

The monorail service in Kuala Lumpur serves as a people mover system for the city. It connects the Kuala Lumpur Sentral transport hub with the Golden Triangle. The system spans over 8.6 km, with 11 elevated stations, has a daily ridership of 36,000.

Commuter Rail

Commuter Rail

Kuala Lumpur has the most extensive commuter rail system in Malaysia. Commuter rail in Kuala Lumpur is operated by two operators, which are Keretapi Tanah Melayu& Express Rail Link



Metered taxis or 'TeksiBermeter' in Malay can be hailed throughout the city. Taxi stands are available around the city and most taxis will stop at the taxi stand. Taxis in Kuala Lumpur are coloured in various colours such as a combination of red-white, red, yellow-blue, green or yellow. However, taxis could be easily recognised as the taxis' vehicle registration number carries a prefix H and LIMO for airport limousine.

Currency Change


The Malaysian Ringgit is the currency of Malaysia. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Malaysia Ringgit exchange rate is the MYR to USD rate. The currency code for Ringgits is MYR, and the currency symbol is RM. Below, you'll find Malaysian Ringgit rates and a currency converter.
Source :http://www.xe.com/currency/myr-malaysian-ringgit

Malaysia Culture

Malaysia Culture

Source :http://www.expatarrivals.com/

Malaysia has a diverse range of immigrants and ethnic populations, which means that everyone is different, and most people are used to dealing with those from very different cultural backgrounds. The three main ethnic group in Malaysia are Malay, Chinese and Indian and, along with many indigenous ethnic groups, they blend to form a unique melting pot of cultures, cuisines and traditions.
Malaysia's official language is Bahasa Malaysia. Many Malaysians also speak English, which is generally considered the language of business in Malaysia. Other languages spoken in Malaysia are Cantonese, Mandarin and Tamil.
Showing respect to others is an important aspect of Malaysian life and it's essential to greet people properly. A handshake is a standard greeting in Malaysia between men. Direct eye contact may be avoided and some Malaysians lower their eyes when greeting as a sign of respect.

Malaysian Food


Source : www.wikipedia.com

Malaysian cuisine consists of cooking traditions and practices found in the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia, and reflects the multiethnic makeup of its population.[1] The vast majority of Malaysia's population can roughly be divided amongst three major ethnic groups: Malays, Chinese and Indians. The remainder consists of the indigenous peoples of Sabah andSarawak in East Malaysia, the Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia, the Peranakan and Eurasian creole communities, as well as a significant number of foreign workers and expatriates. As a result of historical migrations, colonisation by foreign powers, and its geographical position within its wider home region, Malaysia's culinary style in the present day is primarily a melange of traditions from its Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and ethnic Bornean citizens, with heavy to light influences from Thai,Portuguese, Dutch, and British cuisines - to name a few. This resulted in a symphony of flavours, making Malaysian cuisine highly complex and diverse.

Malaysian Visa Application


Source : http://www.imi.gov.my/index.php/en/main-services/visa/apply-for-visa

How to apply for a Visa

Visa applications must be made at any nearest Malaysian Representative Office Abroad.
Applications can also be made online through I-Visa System (Applicable for tourist from India and China only).

1. Application for a Visa Without Reference

Documents required for the application of a visa without reference (approval of visa is given by High Commission of Malaysia) are:

a. Original passport
b. Two (2) photocopies of the applicant's passport
c. Two (2) photocopies of the visa application form (Form IMM.47)
d. Two (2) passport size photographs of the applicant
e. Original and two (2) photocopies of the ticket (confirmed and returned ticket)
f. Bank statement / traveller's cheque
g. Invitation letter (if any)
h. Payment of visa fee
Note : Visa Without Reference is required for the purpose of a social visit.

2. Application for a Visa With Reference

Documents which are required for the application of a visa with reference (visa will issued after the application is being referred and approved by the Department of Immigration Malaysia / Other Agencies of Authority):

a. Original approval letter from the Immigration Department of Malaysia/other authority agencies
b. Original passport
c. Two (2) photocopies of the applicant's passport
d. Two (2) photocopies of visa application form (Form IMM.47)
e. Two (2) passport size photograph of applicant
f. Original and two (2) photocopies of an air ticket
g. Payment of visa fee
Note: Visa With Reference is required for students, those seeking employment, dependants and professionals on a visit pass.



What will you do when parents who took care of you are no longer able take care of themselves? That is a sign that your elderly parent needs help. For example mom was always a good housekeeper but now you find that the house has begun to be cluttered. For some families, the consideration of a nursing home comes after a sudden stroke or fracture of the hip, making caring for an elderly parent at home impossible to manage. There is a time where is nursing home is an option for better care for your loved one.

elderly parents

To move into a nursing home is often a time of stress and high emotion and an emotional decision. There are few steps to consider before you decide for your loved one. There are common misconceptions and cultural perceptions that may or may not be true, but nevertheless influence our decisions and thought processes when a loved one may need the 24/7 care of a skilled nursing facility. Our culture harbors the belief that when we have a loved one who needs the care of a nursing home, the result is guilt and sadness for the family, and the end of any of life's joy for the patient. However, that does not have to be true. The decisions to move you loved one into nursing home will be based on few factors:

  • Your mother/father/family members require 24 hours nursing care & supervision.
  • Concerns about safety due to immobility, judgement & memory loss.
  • Problems with incontinence & personal hygiene.
  • Malnourished, depression & socially isolated.
  • Lack of knowledge in terms of clinical treatment such as medications, wound management, management of tube feeding & catheter.

There are few tips in choosing you’re a nursing home for your loved one:

  • Find an aged care/nursing home that you are comfortable and suits your needs
  • Research by visiting few aged care facilities and do comparison based on your needs and requirements.
  • Checklist: Level of care, type of stay (day care, long term or short term), meal arrangement, numbers of qualified staff and other additional services that may help to improve the health of your loved one.

KPJ Healthcare places great emphasis in ensuring the wellbeing of people, and while this is primarily done through high standards of medical care and promotions of healthy life style, it is also intend to extend this by providing for the elderly.

Located strategically KPJ Tawakkal Health Centre, Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur – KPJ Senior Living Care can be one of your options for your loved one. KPJ Senior Living Care offers quality care that caters to senior living especially for elderly and post-stroke live-in patients who need assistive care. This nursing home is also supported by other established services such as KPJ KL Rehabilitation Centre, KPJ KL Dental Specialist Centre, Consultants Clinics, Haemodialysis Service & Eye Centre.

KPJ Senior Living Care accept 3 types of resident which are those who plan to stay long term, short term (due to rehabilitation purposes i.e post knee surgery), and day care (stay during day time). The services consist of rooms (single or double bedded room), nursing care, doctor round visits & complimentary meals. Residents are allowed to bring their own furniture and furnishing to maintain home-like ambience. There are also facilities such as rooftop garden, mini gymnasium, mini library, recreational room and karaoke room. The concept for KPJ Senior Living Care (Nursing Home) is to help elderly feel at home and as well as maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

nursing home

Further info – contact us at 603-4023 3599

  • Are you worried whether your helper at home is taking good care of your aged parents or your loved ones?

    If your aged parent suffers from stroke or not fit to be home alone due to medication needs or physical limitations after a surgery, KPJ Senior Living Care is the best choice for rehabilitative therapy, assisted living and post-operative care. Located strategically at KPJ Tawakkal Health Centre, Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur. The nursing home is also supported by other established services such as KPJ KL Rehabilitation Centre, KPJ KL Dental Specialist Centre, Consultants Clinics, Haemodialysis Service, Diagnostic Imaging Service (X-ray & OPG/Dental X-Ray) & Eye Centre. KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital is only 2 minutes walking distance from KPJ Tawakkal Health Centre for any emergency cases.

    KPJ Senior Living Care offers the full range of care from low to high care, from independent living to residential aged care. The facility providing 24 hour residential care is affordable and all cultural and religious differences are respected. Other than serving a long-term resident or a short-term rehab resident, adult day care program is also provided for socialisation and while providing a needed break for caregivers. However, a consultant will need to assess what level of care is required and then develop a personalized care plan that meets your specific needs. The team comprise of consultants, nurses and therapists work together to provide the highest quality care to meet the individual needs. Rehabilitation Physician and therapists will work closely to develop a rehabilitative care program within the wide spectrum from physical and occupational therapy to speech therapy to serve the resident specific needs.

    Basically, the care service consists of rooms, nursing care, doctor weekly visits & meals. There are also facilities such as living hall, dining area, mini gymnasium, mini library, recreational room and more importantly a social area such as karaoke room and rooftop garden for a large family gatherings. With the cheerful team and comfortable environment, it makes the overall facility feel like home for the residents and guests. KPJ Senior Living Care (Nursing Home) understands the challenges and stress families face when dealing with frustrating situations relating to elderly care. Thus, it aims to provide professional and compassionate care as well as encourage an active and healthy lifestyle for the elderly, giving the family members peace of mind that their loved one are in safe hands.

    Further info – contact us at 603-40233599 or visit our website: www.kpjhealthcentre.com